Using Technology to Improve Collaboration, Workflow and Security.

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Join us for our IT and business recovery webinar with Patrick Moynahan, Managing Director of Computer Recycling, discussing ways New Zealand businesses can use technology to improve collaboration, security and the way they do business. We'll also chat about what has worked for their business and what's next.

Thursday 13th August, 1 pm - 2 pm

The webinar will focus on practical ways you can elevate your organisation with minimal friction and roadblocks, including:
• Transforming everyday communication
• Improving workflows by unchaining documents from individual desktop devices/workstations
• Spend less time organising and looking for files (and important documents)
• Reducing technology waste, ironing out vendor management and reducing risk.

Technology plays an important role within the business and now, more than ever, it's crucial to how businesses adapt to change and become more efficient. As your business recovers from COVID-19, it can drive better workflows, mobility and performance.