Time to Break up with Your On-site Servers?


Base2 can help you to move on

and find the ideal infrastructure match for your business.




As a business owner with private servers, you’ve probably found what was once an equal partnership is now decidedly one-sided.

You’re putting in the time, money and effort and not getting a lot back.


Breaking up is never easy. Neither is finding the perfect match.

At Base2, we’re here to help you through the process. Think of us as your counselor and matchmaker in one – supporting you to find right the right infrastructure solution for you and your business, cause every pairing is unique. Just between us, we'll find out what you want and need from your next server.

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Why it’s no longer a good fit

1_Slow & Clunky-1

Stuck in the past

💔What was once new is now old. Running slowly, it’s struggling to keep up with your needs. Not to mention performance.

2_ High Maintenence-1


💔Every time it goes Missing In Action, the more expensive it is to get it back. And you can’t afford to be left alone at a time like this. 

What should you look for in your new partner?


The freedom to travel, work remotely, and experience the power of being in the cloud.


They're better, more efficient and smarter. Exploring the endless possibilities together.


Driven, supportive and continue to innovate to stick with you long into the future.

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Base2’s Relationship Guidance 


When you know it's time to break up

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