Base 2's Transition to Azure

Why we chose Microsoft Azure and why you should too. 







From the beginning...

Base 2 was founded with the vision of helping businesses achieve their goals. We wanted to be the IT go-to, so that businesses could thrive and focus on doing what they knew best. With that objective in mind, we have gone on to meet the technical needs of all sorts of businesses—from Newsroom to the Mental Health Foundation—becoming among the best in what we offered.

We opened our own data center in Auckland, where we built virtual server farms with technology from IBM and Vmware, managing and supporting our clients servers. Our dedicated team of specialists were on hand every single day onsite. Whenever clients had a problem, they spoke directly to us, and had their issues resolved in real time.

With each solution, we brought our clients closer to the things they cared about: their business priorities—and as a result, our business was booming.

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But soon enough, we knew an upgrade was needed.

At our peak, Base 2 was hosting 150 to 200 virtual servers in our data centre. As our clientele grew, so did the demand for better care of their data, and our aging infrastructure was falling behind.  

Supporting N+1 redundancies, managing support tickets and P1 incidents, while looking after our physical servers was keeping maintenance and operational costs higher than necessary. All the while, data from single clients were overflowing and interfering with those of others due to the staggeringly large volumes of data we were handling.

It became increasingly apparent that our server farm was no longer the most viable solution, for both us and our clients. During this time, we never lost sight of our core mission of offering the best IT solutions to our customers. So with that mind, we decided to venture out in the hopes of finding a solution that would take us beyond the limits.

And find we did.

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From the onset, we knew what traits we were looking for: fast, scalable, and secure.

Thanks to recent improvements in internet speed due to fibre optic deep-sea cables, Cloud infrastructures have become an ideal choice for data storage and management.​

With 1 billion USD spent per annum in cybersecurity and R&D, Azure is demonstrably the most reliable Cloud provider among existing competitors.​

For Base 2, the benefits are loud and clear:​

We now have a single point of management that enables a faster turnaround; server incidents can be resolved from a browser in our office; implemented geographic redundancy between Sydney and Melbourne; and issues no longer surround the P1 infrastructure.

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And to our dear customers:

The occasional server failures and hardware issues, such as power and internet outages, are a thing of the past. We are leaving your data in the hands of the best in the world.​

Microsoft has a response force matched by no other. With 6.5 trillion threats analysed on the daily and over 3500 experts armed at the ready, Azure drastically minimises the amount of time stolen away in troubleshooting. Plus, it makes access and management a breeze. Also, real time syncing takes the pain out of geolocational restrictions; making everything within the reach of a web browser.​

More connection means more possibilities, and the future has never looked so bright.

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At Base 2

Our core mission has always been to ensure that our clients’ business goals remain their top priority. With our newfound partnership, we are more than ready to help your business bring those goals into fruition.​

We want your business to grow and thrive, and we will be there for you to reap your rewards. When your IT troubles call, we’ll be the helping hand armed with the best equipment. Now, with Microsoft Azure, we will do that better than ever before.​

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